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Wildfire prevention
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Wildfire prevention

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Value proposition

Smoke detection by a network of sensors installed in the forest

Competitive advantage

The wirldfire detection network of sensors is able to detect wildfires in under 60 minutes, even in remote locations.

Service description

The detection of fire is based on a set of sensors which detects smoke, temperature, humidity and air pressure. They are mounted on trees in the forest with the sufficient distance to cover up the all forest. All the sensors are connected with each another by Lorawan gateways that collect the data to a server.
A platform which is accessible through a webpage is the one responsible of managing in real time the different measures which are collected from the widespread sensors.
The required density of sensors over a forest depends on the topology of the ground. Geographical obstacles determine how many sensors you need to deploy in the field. Typically we can calculate 1 sensor for 10 hectares.

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