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Water metering

Water metering

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Value proposition

Remote reading of a water meter for consumption and leaks control

Competitive advantage

The water meter can be activated and configured through a NFC communication with the App of a smart phone.

Service description

The water flow is measured by induction. This means that an electro-magnetic field is modified as the water flows through the meter. The main advantage of this technology is that there is no mechanical element which could be a sustain for the accumulation of bacteria. As drawback is that a battery is required to power the electro-magnetic field.

The battery lifetime is about 15 years. The transmission is 1 measurement frame day and the transmission of 4 frames with readings from 3 previous days, The interface to communicate with the device is wireless M-Bus which is a European standard protocol for the communication of water/gas/electricity meters. The transmission is done in the 169 Mhz frequencies, encrypted and transmitted through Lora to the cloud server.

Device description

- 169 MHz ISM band (unlicensed radio frequency for industrial application)
- Low consumption communication with Wireless M-bus protocol 169 Mhz with N2 two-way communication mode.
- Possibility of implementing the modulation LoRa
- In conformity with French regulation E17Z AFNOR
- Two transmission modes can be used: Fixed network or fixed/walk-by (dual mode) simultaneously.
- AES-CTR encryption according to EN13757-7 mode 8.
- Integrated NFC interface for local programming/activation (via Android application)
- Bidirectional inductive technology pulse pickup
- Receiving sensitivity up to -120 dBm
- Transmission power up to 25 dBm
- Internal omnidirectional antenna
- Autonomy up to 15 years
- IP68 protection grade

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