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Waste bin monitoring

Waste bin monitoring

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Value proposition

Measure remotely the waste material filling level in a bin

Competitive advantage

The sensors are ultrasonic, robust, water and shock resistant, fully functional within wide temperature range.

Service description

The sensor is installed in a bin and measures its filling by the echo of an ultra-sonic ping. The data is retrievable from an IoT platform and is a prediction of the moment of recollection once the bin is filled (or empty). On a location map the filling of all the monitored bins is visible. Combined with a route planner of the truck fleet the administration of the service can optimized since the recollection routes are only planned for filled/empty bins.
The GPS coordinates of the bin are transmitted to the systems via mobile App when the street sweeper tours the city and spots a bin.

Device description

Measurement Single ultrasonic beamStreet sweeper
Measuring range (cm): from 3 cm up to 400 cm.
Connectivity: LoRaWAN / Sigfox / NB-IoT
Measurement frequency: 24x a day
Configuration: Mobile App via BLE or Downlink
Emptying recognition: Accelerometer. Advanced tilt recognition algorithm.
Replaceable batteries: Yes - lifespan of several years
Temperature measurement: Microcontroller termostate
Dimensions in mm (h/w/d): 50 / 120 / 54
Weight (incl. batteries): 215 g
Casing: IP69
Material: Recyclable, polyamide with optical fibers
Mounting options: Screws / Clench / Rails

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