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Tracker for animals in the wild
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Tracker for animals in the wild

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Value proposition

Cow, horse and goat tracking with a collar strapped to the neck

Competitive advantage

Longlife battery collar which measures the temperature and localize the animal at the same time. This is particulary useful for the follow up of calving animals in open areas

Service description

A collar with the tracker device is placed on the animal´s neck. It reports localization and temperature of the animal. One can track the animal in the wild and make the configuration of a virtual fence which detects when the animal is trespassing the gate. The collar has to transmit data to the cloud. It is therefore very important to have the right coverage in your area. The most reliable coverage is the one of the GPRS network, but it can be that this is not sufficient. The device can be also installed with a SigFox antenna to cover your area. The animal which is usually tracked is the cow, but you can place the device on a horse or even on a goat. The device is especially useful in countries where the extensive livestock farming and not so much where the animals are gathered in fenced areas.

Device description

- Weight: 265 gr
- Size: 10,6×7,7×5,0 cm
- Connectivity: GPRS/SigFox
- Battery lifetime depends on the connectivity to Internet
- IP67 cover

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