Your Marketplace in Internet of Things

The strategic challenge of IOT Projects

IOT Projects - Your marketplace in Internet of things

Our partners are able to respond to your project requirements with the deployment of our added-value devices.

Due to limitation of financial resources IoT market players have usually a dilemma to mitigate the upcoming market consolidation: “Shall I invest in R&D to create added value in the device/service and maintain competitive advantage or allocate resources in Sales and Marketing to increase revenue and expand outside territory?” 

As to shorten the Time-to-Market Device Manufacturers and Partners delegate Sales efforts to the IoT Marketplace while dedicating resources to R&D. 

The IoT Marketplace will drive the demand from the End-customers to Device Manufacturers with the support of Partners by
- Recruiting the best Partners in Europe easing access to the added value of Device Manufacturers
- Capturing End-customers demand for Partners.

Over time IOT Projects is a consolidated brand in IoT which serves as umbrella for Device Manufacturers Partners with the strategic purpose to offer resistance and alternative to market consolidation.