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SIM card for lift telephony
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SIM card for lift telephony

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Value proposition

European EN 81-28 compliance for rescue in the lift

Competitive advantage

The EN 81-28 compliance service provides the lift with a SIM based telephony device which connects the emergency button in the lift cabin with the rescue call center. This SIM card usually replaces the land line as a cheaper SIM card.

Service description

The lift maintainer can check all the necessary information of the lift for its correct functioning. The service automates the verification calls from the cabin avoiding periodical verifications by the rescue call centers. It can also record the audios from the lift maintainer and register the visit of each maintainers to the lift.

Device description

The GSM link is connected to the auto dialer by providing bidirectional communication with the cabin, the connection to the lift controller will be made directly with the RS232 port of the GSM link (depending on maneuvers, it may be RS485 or BUS-CAN). The service allows us:

- Operate remotely with the elevator
- Receive the damage warnings before the Owners Community even knows
- Verify a fault call before having to send the operator to verify the incident
- Program the parameters of the elevator controller
- Increase the satisfaction of the Community of Owners, reducing to 0 the incidences by fault

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