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Screen in the lift
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Screen in the lift

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Value proposition

Multimedia screen connected to the lift controller

Competitive advantage

The screen is a single display solution which integrates multimedia content like regional weather forecast or local news, and information from the lift like floor indication, direction of the lift or alarms. One can connect the screen to the most extended lift technologies of the market like Thyssen, Kone, Otis and Schindler.

Service description

Advertisim is the solution that combines screens in different formats, adaptable to any size or retail, content management software on a web platform and 3G, Wi-Fi and Ethernet connection. Using Advertisim, the user can manage content in real time through the multimedia platform, sending messages to millions of people in a single click, through the online platform Advertisim Manager.

The AdvertiSIM screen can be mounted in different ways:
- Surface: The screen is just screwed in the lift panel
- Embedded: The glass of the screen is the only part which visible on te lift panel. The electronic board has been inserted behind the panel.
- Integrated: The lift panel and the screen are at the same level in the panel. This is one surface.

The screen can be connected to Internet in 3 different ways: WIFI, GPRS (with a SIM card) or locally with a LAN cable. As to display information from the lift controller one connect the screen by 3 different types of connection: RS232, USB or CAN Bus.

AdvertSIM is a standard solution with all contains in it (frame, electronic board and glass) but can be also delivered to be mounted behind the mirror of the lift.

Device description

Technical specification of the 10 inches version:

Screen size: 10.1
Active area 216.96 x 135.6mm
16.2M colors
Brightness: 350 Cd/m2
Cortex A7 Dual Core processor
3G miniPCIe modem (according to model) FullHD 1080p
HDMI output VGA output USB port x 2
Ethernet connector x1 DDR3 RAM 1Gb
8Gb internal storage Audio out
WIFI IEEE802.11fgn
Ethernet CAT5e, CAT6, CAT7 CAN L / H inputs Optocoupled binary inputs x 2
Accelerometer and magnetometer Power consumption:12W Temperature range: 0º - 40º

Certified > No

Connected Thing > Lift

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