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Value proposition

GasFlow turns LPG cylinders into smart assets

Competitive advantage

Extensive experience with more than 12 millions tracked assets within the Oil & Gas industry in over 600 locations worldwide.

Service description

GasFlow is specifically designed for LPG cylinder supply chain. Developed by Alizent, GasFlow reaches every layer of the supply chain, from production to end user. Thanks to individual cylinder identification and tracking of key steps in the supply chain, it provides unseen visibility and control over LPG operations.

Device description

GasFlow utilises RFID tags and readers, blended with cloud-based software.

Alizent design a wide-range of RFID tags engineered to withstand the conditions of industrial applications and have developed tags that are designed to work with LPG cylinders. These tags can be fitted during manufacture or retro-fitted.

Our readers are configured to work within the points of the LPG supply chain:

- Production line : integrated ATEX reader stations on the filling line.
- Despatch RFID : bulk scanning reader for entry / exit and stock control.
- Distribution / Point of Sale : delivery and collection via a smartphone/Ingenico PDA.
- Point of Sale : Sale to the end-user / kiosk via smartphone/Ingenico PDA.
- End-user : Purchase/return via smartphone.

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