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Gas Monitoring

Gas Monitoring

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Value proposition

Safe remote measure of the gas level in a LPG tank

Competitive advantage

Versatile portfolio of different smart meters specially conceived for the gas insdustry

Service description

Telemetry sensor to measure the level in the gas tank for remote maintenance. One can visualize the data on a cloud platform or the system can be locally installed on a private server. It is also possible to delegate an access to different end-customers. An App can be downloaded on the smart phone and via NFC locally read the level of gas. This is extremely usefull for the visit report of a visitor to the installation. The gas delivery can suspended or resumed inmediatly. The telemetry of the LPG tank is a great support to anticipate the moment to refill the tank with gas and can be also a system to detect robberies with anormal variation of the level of gas in the LPG tank..

Device description

The device is screwed into the position of the gauge of the tank which is removed. Inside the gas tank a floater is fixed to a stem and move up and down according to the level of liquid gas inside the tank. The device detects the position of the floater and report to the ouside world the remaining capacity of the tank. Additionally, the level indicator provides visual level indication like before with the gauge, independent of electronics. The device has an radio antenna to transmit the data of the level in the tank and contains a GPS receivers for the positioning of the tank. The power is supplied by a 10 years lifetime battery which cannot be replaced.

- Operating temperature: -40°C to +60°C
- IP 68
- UV resistant
- Certified for hazardous locations: ATEX: II 1G Ex ia IIB T3 Ga IECEx: Ex ia IIB T3 Ga
- Dimensions (in mm): 134 x 33 x 23
- Weight: 98gr

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