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Elevator Cloud Platform

Elevator Cloud Platform

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Value proposition

Management platform for lift with sensors and telephony

Competitive advantage

Plug&play sensors in the lift are easy to install and don`t require any kind of integration with the lift controller. It is compatible with any kind of lift technology.

Service description

The platform collects data like door and floor movements from plug&play sensors which are installed in the lift, The platform is also a reception desk for emergency calls together with a rescue service for people trapped in the lift cabin.

An phone is installed in the lift panel with a rescue button to connect to the lift platform. It is a auto dialer and, a person which has been trapped in the lift can push the button and she/he will be put in contact with an agent for rescue (without compounding any number on the panel). As to process the call one can connect the auto dialer with a landline or a GSM gateway with a SIM card inside.

On the other hand a box of sensors is installed in the lift which provides the platform with information about door or floor movements. The advantage is solution is easy to install in the lift and 100% compatible with the different lift models of the market. The date are collected from the lift into the platform.for maintenance. An on-the-spot repair service is also bundled with the platform telemetry.

Device description

- Works on all types and brands of lifts
- No connection to controller
- Real-time data
- Bluetooth connectivity
- Data communication over GSM 4G
- Cloud storage accessible through ORION
- Power supply 5 VDC
- Size (HxWxD) 18 x 118 x 23 mm
- Weight: 210g

Certified > No

Connected Thing > Lift

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