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BQ Mobile

We help people to understand technology, we inspire them to use it and develop it.

We like to say it like it is. We are transparent.

We have no doubts about the quality standards we want to achieve and we won´t settle for less.

We are active and positive, we take the initiative. We are lively.

We keep our feet on the ground. Our main goal is not to lose sight of our values.

We are committed to education in technology. We strive to talk about it in a simple and accessible way.

We are committed to education
We believe that knowledge should be free and that education should be put above all. We educate people about technology, talking about our products in a simple and accessible manner. Technology opens doors and creates new possibilities. That is why we want to create it and share it, so that it can be transformed and developed by everyone. We want to help you understand it, encourage you to use it and inspire you so that you want to create it.

Hardware, software and design
We are passionate about making technology and we put all our efforts into offering you more than just a product. All our products are supported by three pillars: hardware, software and design. We are working to show you how to differentiate between these three elements and to encourage you to create them for yourself.
Where we are
We are present with our multimedia devices in Europe and in over 50 countries around the world with our 3D printers and robotics kits.