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Value proposition

Multimedia display connected to the lift controller

Competitive advantage

Integration with all main boards in the market thanks to our know-how of the elevator industry

Service description

Advertisim is the solution that combines screens in different formats, adaptable to any size or retail, content management software on a web platform and 3G, Wi-Fi and Ethernet connection. Using Advertisim, the user can manage content in real time through the multimedia platform, sending thousands of messages to millions of people in a single click, through the online platform Advertisim Manager.

Device description

Advertisim model with seven-inch screen and semi-recessed mount.

Communication device.
Screen size: 7 ".
Support for semi-recessed placement.
Industrial connection hardware (elevators).
3G, wifi or Ethernet connectivity.
Processor Cortex A7 Dual Core.
Memory RAM DDR 1Gb.
Audio output.

Certified > No

Reference > TCU 07E

Connected Thing > Lift


Nayar Systems

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